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About East Fremantle Plumber – Plumb it Right

Our plumbers service all areas from Mandurah to Lancelin and everywhere in between. In East Fremantle we have got you covered for all your plumbing needs. Our mobile vans are fully equipped which makes fixing your needs much more efficient, plus our fully qualified plumbers are friendly, trust worthy and happy to help in anyway they can to resolve your plumbing, gas or hot water problems. We provide excellent customer service and with over 30 years of experience, we really are the best plumbers in East Fremantle.

East Fremantle Plumbing Services Provided by Plumb it Right

There is nothing we can`t fix or replace, providing a number of services for your gas, hot water and plumbing needs. Plumb it Right can assist to fix blocked drains and detect gas and water leakage as well as supplying, installing and fixing hot water systems. Our business also provides gas fittings and installations in addition to providing kitchen, bathroom and laundry products.

Emergency Plumbers East Fremantle

At Plumb it Right, we specialise in emergency plumbing as we know that the unexpected is just around the corner. Be it a leaking tap, burst piping, hot water issues gas problems or any other malfunction in your home, we are happy to help. With no call out fees, no hourly rates, a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and free over the phone quotes there is no one better to call in an emergency.

East Fremantle Gas Plumbing Services

Our East Fremantle gas plumbing services range from gas safety checks to Gas Hot Water storage tank system replacements and anything in between. Plumb it Right only hire professionals to get your job done to the best standard and we always deliver. Our plumbers all have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, allowing them to pinpoint any other problems saving you money and time in the future. If you have and gas problems in your East Fremantle home, we are only one phone call away.

Gas Safety Check

Sometimes a simple gas safety check is all that is required to identify poor workmanship or potential future hazards that need to be addressed. Other times, everything is as it should be and you will have peace of mind. If you have concerns about your gas plumbing because of looks, or smells, then contact us right away. In your East Fremantle home you should also have a regular gas safety check and there is no one better to complete this than the friendly team at Plumb it Right.

Gas Leak Detection and Repair

At Plumb it Right, we are all registered gas plumbers, and can handle all your dangerous gas plumbing jobs and gas safety checks. If you keep smelling gas or if you have any other worries about your gas system then don’t procrastinate. Give us a call today to run a gas leak detection inspection and gas leak repair should we find an issue. When it comes to gas, it is critical to act fast to ensure the safety of your family and guarantee your assets don`t go up in smoke. As much as 41 per cent of the fire-related deaths in the UK, were caused by gas, smoke or toxic fumes. Needless to say, with these statistics a gas leakage, or improper gas plumbing is not only dangerous, but it can be deadly.

Gas installation of gas bayonets Installing gas bayonets is a popular request, especially in winter. We can install additional bayonets in lounge rooms and living areas. Plumb it Right will work out the most effective way to get the gas pipes to a suitable area to minimise your investment in a warm snug East Fremantle home during the winter moths. A straight forward Gas Bayonet installation job could be as little as $X and other, more complex jobs are completed at a fraction of the price other companies charge. Our professional gas fitters can install Gas bayonets into the wall or floor of your home doing a professional job each and every time.

Gas Connection: Cooking with gas is considered the ultimate way to cook and often gets best baking results as suggested by the majority of the Australian population. This is due to the instant ability to turn your gas flame up or down for fast response and heating, as well as the process being overall less expensive. Upgrading from an electric hotplate to a gas hotplate is common practice in East Fremantle and across Perth generally and at Plumb it Right we have installed hundreds of these over the years making us the best in business for this job. So whether you are buying an oven, or are installing a gas fire place our crew are efficient, experienced and cost effective. We offer a wide range of gas fittings and installations for whatever your needs may be. Regardless of whether you are installing a commercial bathroom or a retail kitchen, Plumb it Right have the expertise required to fit your East Fremantle home.

Hot Water Storage Tank System Installation

Plumb it Right are your go to hot water storage tank system installation specialists as we can supply and install all major brands and types of hot water systems. Our experts on the job can install gas storage, continuous gas, electric storage, instant gas and solar heat pump hot water systems. We offer to supply a variety of different models including hot water systems from Bosch, Rinnai, Dux, Quantum and many more. No job is too big or too small for the plumbing masters at Plumb it Right and we can manage any hot water system installation irregardless of its complexity.

Hot Water Storage Tank System Replacement

At Plumb it Right, we can replace your existing hot water storage tank or any parts that may need renewing. If your current system is not functioning efficiently or has any malfunctions give us a call and we are happy to arrange a time when we can come out to your East Fremantle home and repair or replace it. Our renewal of your system is expertly completed and we always do a quality job as it is your hot water tank that we are dealing with.

Gas BBQ Extensions

Whether it is a seafood BBQ with your mates, or the Aussie favourite of lamb, or just traditional steak and sausages, getting your pride and joy BBQ plumbed directly to the mains makes perfect sense, especially if you use it regularly. There is no better people for the job than the guys at Plumb it Right. We can gas plumb your BBQ so every day is like Australia Day at your East Fremantle home.

Bathroom, Toilet, Kitchen and Landry Plumbing Services

If you are not flush with cash at the moment and have a plumbing emergency or issue to deal with, we can diagnose and repair the problem or provide complete toilet installation services for East Fremantle and kitchen plumbing installations for East Fremantle at short notices. We can also supply taps, toilets, fittings, cisterns and many more items for your bathroom, toilet, kitchen or laundry at minimum cost to you due to our ability to buy in bulk.

Leaking Taps, Showers and Toilets

Leaking taps are a common problem in any home around the Perth area and your home in East Fremantle. They can be a nuisance to deal with but Plumb it Right’s emergency plumbers can help. It is important that a professional tackles the leak so that you can have the best results in your home as well as cheaper overall costs because we will ensure that it does not occur again. We can locate and repair the leakage using our superior knowledge, skills and equipment. Our plumbers will have your leaking taps fixed in no time at little expense making it the clear option to call us if ever you need.

Water Leak Detection

Water leaks are extremely wasteful and not to mention costly so it is important that the problem is fixed as soon as possible. Our advanced water leak detection is extremely helpful and efficient when diagnosing leaks around your East Fremantle home. We can easily detect and track the water leaking in a normal environment as the plumbers at Plumb it Right are highly trained and licensed meaning, allowing your wallet to stay feeling heavy.


At Plumb it Right, we offer cleaning of blocked drains. Blocked drains can be a pain to deal with and can cause damage to your home. They are caused when food, hair, tree roots and rubbish flows through your drains clogging the pathway for water to flow. If they are not cleaned, your drains could become a health risk that can carry harmful bacteria and other unpleasant issues. Before the problem becomes out of hand, talk to the guys and we will be able to come out to your East Fremantle home and remove the blockage.


We understand that you might find a really great deal on a dishwasher, fridge, freezer, washing machine ect but finding the right person to install your new asset might be hard. Plumb it Right have years of experience in installing these appliances and will get the job done right the first time around saving you money and time. If you are wanting to install an appliance in your East Fremantle home, give us a buzz and we will be able to give you a quote. Don’t hesitate to call on the experts at Plumb it Right for this service as we can help you install most home and business appliances such as listed below.

  • Washing machines
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Ovens
  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers


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