Hot Water Systems


There’s nothing better than a hot shower, is there? A gas hot water system lets you enjoy hot water to your home at the turn of a tap. Cheaper to buy and install than an electric or solar hot water system, a gas hot water system uses an efficient heating mechanism to keep your water warm, ensuring you always have hot water when you need it.

A Plumb It Right we can help you choose the gas hot water system that’s right for your household. We come to you, and can visit your home to determine the size and space that’s best suited to your new system. Once it’s installed, we provide prompt, reliable service to ensure your gas hot water system continues to run efficiently for years to come.

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Rheem Stellar 360
Rheem Stellar 360 5*
Designed for Australian conditions and a favourite among families, Rheem Stellar is a premium 5 star energy efficient water heater,…
Rheem Gas 4 Star 347135 1200px
Rheem 135L 4*
4 Star energy efficiency —uses less gas than most older heaters Mains pressure — for hot water from multiple taps…
Rheem Gas 4 Star 347170 1200px
Rheem 170L 4*
4 Star energy efficiency — uses less gas than most older water heaters Mains pressure — for hot water from…
DUX Prodigy 170DB5 1
Dux Prodigy 170 5*
Easy installation, with water connections on both sides of tank Low maintenance and long service life Full flow pressure to…
Dux Prodigy 135L External Gas Hot Water Heater
Dux Prodigy 135 5*
Easy installation, with water connections on both sides of the tank Patented flue damper design reduces heat loss New burner…
Dux Prodigy 135DB4
Dux Prodigy 135 4*
Market leader when it comes to hot water recovery† New burner technology means faster recovery rates and more hot water…
Web 1200x900 Thermann 4 Star Hot Water Unit 135ltr LPG
Thermann 135 4*
4 star efficiency Full mains pressure taps Small footprint – easy replacement Includes a Pressure and Temperature Relief (PTR) Valve



Looking for free-flowing hot water for your home? A gas hot water system has you covered, providing a cost-effective hot water solution that’s cheaper than an electric system. By plugging in to your existing natural gas connection, it helps you to reduce your environmental impact, while significantly reducing your electricity costs. And with a faster heating mechanism, you can take comfort that piping hot water is waiting for you on those frosty mornings when you just don’t want to get out of bed.

Ready to choose your new gas hot water system?

Frequently Asked Questions

A gas hot water system works by using a gas burner to heat the water sitting in your water tank, and maintain the heated temperature. This hot water then travels through the pipes to your desired tap.

The type of gas hot water system you choose for your home comes down to a few key variables: the number of people in your house, how often you use your hot water, and your budget. We can help you work these out, and give you the information you need to choose the hot water system that best suits your household.

The size of the gas hot water system you buy depends on the number of people living in your household, and how often you use it. A good rule of thumb is:

  •  1-2 people: 90L – 150L
  • 2-3 people: 150L – 190L
  • 3-4 people: 190L – 230L
  • 5+ people: 230L or more

Our gas hot water systems start at around $1214 for a 135L system and increase from there.

If you’re planning on replacing your current hot water system with a gas hot water system, you may be able to do this if your home is already connected to natural gas. Most gas hot water systems can be installed at properties that already have a gas connection.

Your local gas provider can advise whether a gas connection is available at your property, and we can take a look at your existing hot water system to determine what’s needed to install a new system.

If the water coming from your gas hot water system isn’t hot, it could be for a number of reasons.

  • Your gas hot water tank might be some distance from your tap. Run your hot water tap until it becomes hot. Be sure to collect the water you run and re-use it on your garden.
  • The pilot light may be out. If need be, relight the pilot light and try again.
  • There may be another issue. If you’ve tried both these solutions and there’s still no hot water, give Plumb It Right a call on 08 9577 2786 immediately.