Blocked Drains


A blocked drain can be a nightmare for homeowners. It stinks up the place and can cause damage to your home. Before the problem gets out of hand, call Plumb It Right. We have over 10 years experiences in dealing with blocked drains in Perth. If you need our assistance, give us a call or book an appointment online.

Our blocked drains and drainage services include:

  • High pressure drain cleaning
  • Blocked drains and toilets
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Blocked shower drains and basins
  • Laundry troughs
  • Stormwater drains
  • Sewer conversions
  • Altering drain connections
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The consequence of a blocked

A clogged drain can carry large health risks. Unblocked sink drains and blocked drain pipes seem to all occur near a toilet and bathroom. These areas are used the most, and constant exposure could cause health problems for residents. Protect yourself and your family, and unblock your drain as soon as possible. Besides the unhealthy aspect, it also causes the following issues:

Dirty water
When dirty water sits within a blocked drain for a prolonged time, it becomes a health hazard. Backed-up water from a blocked drain pipe can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Bad odours
There is nothing worse than a smelly house and this is what happens when you have blocked drains. Even if the odour isn’t toxic, exposure to bad odours can be unbearable and put everyone in a poor mood. Contact our plumbers immediately to unblock any of your drains.

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